Some find it odd but I have this addiction to Google maps at street level view.
Mostly because I Don’t see myself traveling to Mexico anytime soon since I can’t afford the body armor. Won’t go to the UK or Europe because who can afford those
plane tickets and I most likely won’t make it to Canada because I’d probably burst into tears and make a scene when they made me come back.

It’s a cheap hour long vacation to someplace you’ll never see.

That being said it’s also a way to discover the thin top layer of the environment that the people you might know only by name online live in.

Now before I go on I’m not talking about stalking people, searching down houses or neighborhoods… you can let the kids back out to play.

No, what I’m talking about is the town, village or city itself. A great deal of us when talking to someone online tend to picture them as someone down the street.
Familiar, the same as us with the same dreams and viewpoint of the world. But when you cross borders or oceans cultures and world views change.

Sometimes actually seeing the differences in Architecture and layout will open ones eyes.

While viewing a visual street map won’t tell you in what way viewpoint changes it does make you aware that it has. That you need to separate what you might think you’re hearing from what that other person is actually saying.

Contrary to popular belief in the U.S. life does exist beyond the oceans edge. In the cities, small towns and villages of the UK, Europe and elsewhere there are things we can learn. Ideas we should consider and cultures to respect.

Oh and for those dimmer bulbs, No the UK and Canada are not the 51st and 52nd states.