It’s 3 days before the election and we still have these ignorant people wandering the streets bumping into light poles claiming they’re “undecided”.

This election is beginning to feel like it’s been going on since I was trying to exit the birth canal. You have two candidates people, and NO I don’t want to hear about the other so called two, I’m talking people who might actually win. The two candidates that have almost opposite views.

If you can’t make a decision at this point then my suggestion is for you to blindfold yourself and to go play in rush hour traffic because you are simply too stupid to make a decision and your genetic structure needs to exit the planet at this generation.

Who dresses you people in the morning? Deciding on which pair of socks to wear with your pants must make you burst into tears.

Personally I don’t buy it. Oh there might be a few purely ignorant people spending an hour each morning struggling over the choice of shoes but I feel very confident in saying that the majority of these people are simple attention whores.

These are the people that spend their entire life trying to impress those around them with how important they are while the rest of us just shrug them off as the self important failures that they are, but once every four years they gain access to a wider audience, people that don’t know how pathetic they are and milk all the attention they can get from it.

So that’s my answer to who the undecided Voters are at this late date.
The ignorant and the attention whore.

Undecided? So which are you?