I think it’s vital that the nations of the EU bring their science and research programs up to a full boil.
If attitudes don’t change in the US they might become the best hope for democracy and advancement during the mid to late 21st century.

Greece fell, Rome fell, the English Empire fell, the Soviet Union fell.
It’s pure arrogance to think that it couldn’t happen here as well.

Basing the running of a modern nation solely or even mostly on the basis of religious doctrine is not viable in the long run. Therefore it’s up to Europe to prepare to take the lead in the protection of democracy and freedoms in case we falter.

Personally I like living in the US and other then possibly Canada I couldn’t picture myself elsewhere. But I’m embarrassed and ashamed to see people in my country bashing and berating any knowledge that contradicts something written thousands of years ago by people who did not yet have even a basic knowledge of the sciences.

This doesn’t mean that I dislike people of faith. All people have the right to believe what they wish and if it helps them cope with their life without harming others then by all means leave them alone. Beating a Christian over the head with a science book works no better then them beating me over the head with a Bible.
They are free in their “personal” life to believe as they wish.

But when those believes enter public schools and prevent our younger generation from learning even basic knowledge of areas well researched then the overall brain pool of a country starts to drain away into thin air.

Evolution exists, the world is round, it’s not just 6000 years old, it circles the sun and not the other way…
If we were “designed” then why do my sinuses drain into my throat when I’m sick?
Why is the code for Cancer built right into our DNA?

The words “why” and “how” are words used often by rational thinkers and seldom by religious organizations.
They don’t ask these questions because they believe they already have all the answers and when you believe you have all the answers then advancement stops.

“Faiths” have had to adapt many times over the millenniums due to new knowledge.
Perhaps it’s time they admit they need to again Before we reach the point that we jail the next Galileo.