The Delusional Bush Presidency Cliff Notes
It’s the liberals.

It’s the ACLU. It’s Clinton. It’s Monica. It’s the “climate of
permissiveness”. It’s France. It’s the liberal media. It’s Clintons
penis. It’s Hillary.

“We never could have known they’d fly planes into buildings.”
“No actionable intelligence”. They didn’t tell us to do anything.

O’Neill’s lying. Clarke’s lying. General Shinseki’s lying. The Union of
Concerned Scientists are lying. Our own weapons inspector David Kay’s
lying. Wilson’s lying. John Dean’s lying. Newsweek lied! CBS lied!

Everyone’s lying but us.
We never lied. We had to lie.

Plame outed herself.
Her husband outed her.
The liberals outed her.
No one outed her, since everyone already knew her covert identity.
Rove had nothing to do with it.
No comment.

It’s the libs trying to pull Schiavo’s feeding tube.
It’s Janet Jacksons boob.
It’s the Statue of Justices boobs.

Reading the news might cloud my judgement.

It’s the pledge of allegiance.
They’re taking God out of America.
Osama didn’t tell us when, how, where, and by what means he’d attack,
and he didn’t leave a forwarding address.

The 9/11 panel is biased against us.

Saddam=Al Qaida. Saddam=Al Qaida. Saddam=Al Qaida.

Chalabi’s an honorable man and I believe everything he says about WMDs.
Chalabi’s a crook and he passed secrets to Iran .
Chalabi? I don’t know any `Chalabi!

It’s just a few dead-enders.
They’ll be gone when we capture Saddam.
They’ll be gone when we capture Saddam’s sons.
They’ll be gone when we hand over “sovereignty”.
They’ll be gone when Iraq has elections.
They’ll be gone sometime after January 2oth, 2009.

No one could have anticipated that a category 5 hurricane aimed directly
at New Orleans could’ve flooded it!
No one could have anticipated that they might need federal assistance quickly!

Being a judging supervisor for the Arabian Horse Association is ample
experience to head FEMA!
It’s the mayor’s fault! It’s the governor’s fault! It’s CBS’s fault!

I support the troops.
You go to war with the military you’ve got, not the with the one you

I support the troops.
Welcome to Walter Reed. Rat traps are available by the rear entrance.

I support the troops.
We’re extending troop tours from 12 months to 15 months.

I support the troops.
I’m going to veto funds for the troops.

I support the troops?

“I’m a uniter, not a divider!”
It’s the stem cells.
It’s the feminazis, the intellectual elitists, and the ecoterrorists.

It’s the martians.

Apparently It’s everyone… but Bush.