He likes to talk the talk but lacks any other conviction. As to the question below that he hasn’t vetoed anything, why would he, the majority party (Republicans) have all “mostly” played the same game. So yes, they are the “same old crap dung beetles” mentioned below. As to the statement about “we can’t find anything he’s done wrong”. We could start with pretend WMD’s, posting “brownie” to FEMA, supplying false Intel to congress and U.N. Oh, and oops, let’s not forget attacking the wrong country costing 2000 lives while you were busy posting heroic stumble messages. You’d think after 5 years of failures the right wing stumblers could come up with some actual intelligent responses as opposed to continue shouting “we won so you’re whiners” or just screaming “Clinton” at random. I’m not whining, I simply think people that allow their brain to be filled by FOX news or ANY single news channel,right or left slanted, (yes, I admit we have our nuts on the left also), without doing independent thinking are idiots. Any of those words too long to understand for our right wing armchair heros who posted prior to me?